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Luna Mono Winged Edition Sandals | Minimalist Running and Hiking Sandals


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Mono Winged Edition

Super comfortable performance sandals that form to the shape of your foot! These outdoor sandals are great for hiking, running, and traveling.

Mono Winged Edition

Our all-time bestselling sandal is ready for ALL your outdoor adventures and daily training runs. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, lounging, camping, spelunking, or anything else-ing, this is your go-to footwear. The Mono is our most versatile sandal. Super light, this zero drop LUNA will form to your foot with use, like a good pair of jeans, becoming more and more comfortable with use. They’re super easy to adjust for the perfect fit, and totally secure in any terrain thanks to our patent pending Winged performance laces.

Our patent pending Wing design allows for the simplest, most secure and intuitive LUNA experience yet! Wings keep your LUNA’s securely in place without the use of a tech strap, while maintaining total lace adjustability and optimum comfort. Made of a flexible, smooth and very durable material, Wings are made to move with your foot and stand up to the gnarliest conditions.

LUNA Sandals is based out of Seattle, Washington and takes great pride in creating awesome, sustainable footwear that will last and that you will be proud to wear.

LUNA’s founder “Barefoot” Ted traveled to the Copper Canyons of Mexico to run a 50 mile ultra marathon in 2006. It was there that he met Manuel Luna, legendary Tarahumara runner and was given a pair of handmade Huarache tire sandals- the spark for LUNA was born. Inspired by his experience in Mexico, the next year Barefoot Ted ran the ultra marathon in an innovative huarache design he created himself. He then set out to create the ultimate line of Adventure Sandals that could really “fit” any lifestyle. Focusing on quality, sustainability and community.

Luna Sandel Size

Men's US 4/Women's US 6, Men’s US 10.5/Women's US 12.5, Men’s US 10/Women's US 12, Men’s US 11.5/Women's US 13.5, Men’s US 11/Women's US 13, Men’s US 12.5/Women's US 14.5, Men’s US 12/Women's US 14, Men’s US 13/Women's US 15, Men’s US 4.5/Women's US 6.5, Men’s US 5.5/Women's US 7.5, Men’s US 5/Women's US 7, Men’s US 6.5/Women's US 8.5, Men’s US 6/Women's US 8, Men’s US 7.5/Women's US 9.5, Men’s US 7/Women's US 9, Men’s US 8.5/Women's US 10.5, Men’s US 8/Women's US 10, Men’s US 9.5/Women's US 11.5, Men’s US 9/Women's US 11

Luna Color

Dark Black, Desert Canyon, Mountain Crystal

Technical Specifications

  1. Mighty Light: 5.9 oz (single sandal, men’s size 9)
  2. Oh-So Comfy: 11mm base + 4mm tread height
  3. Best in Class: Waterproof Non-Marking Vibram® Morflex Sole
  4. Get a Grip: MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed
  5. Ready to Fly: Supple, easy adjust performance laces kicked up a notch by our super secure, patent pending wing design
  6. Move Natural: A free foot is a healthy foot. Always zero drop, zero toe-box, zero problems
  7. Vegan Friendly: Animal free product.
  8. Refined Simplicity: “Everything you need, nothing you don’t.”
  9. Made in Vietnam