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Bythlon Pedal

Buy Online Bythlon Pedal in India

Patented Technology built by cyclists Design in Germany/Made in Taiwan Ease In -Easy Out. You will never fear being locked to your bike. Seamless Installation. Works with any three-thread bike shoe on the market. Prevents Injuries. 10 Degree float allows your feet to turn to relieve knee and hip joints. The patent-pending Bythlon Pedal System enables your maximum performance without locking you in. Complete set of 2 pedals, 2 cleats, 6 washers, and 6 screws. Lightweight glass fiber polyamide compound pedal-body with durable Cr-Mo Axle. Durable cleat plate with abrasion-resistant and anti-slip TPU cleats, non-marking. Fits all common road-race shoes with the 3-bolts configuration. Ships free in the United States.

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